Ulysseus - European Hackathon

what is it ?

The Entre Camp Helsinki is a fully-funded international hybrid experience. Master students get the opportunity to travel to Helsinki and work in international teams to develop innovative products and services related to the hackathon’s main theme “Shared Value & Sustainability: solutions for the future ”. The goals of the Entre Camp Helsinki 2022 are to allow students to develop transversal competencies for their future and increase their knowledge and awareness related to sustainability. 

The Entre Camp Helsinki includes 
  • three online meetings to get ready for this great adventure, and deliver the final outcome.
  • 6 days hackathon in Helsinki devoted to workshops, keynotes, company visits and final presentation (the teams are supported by experts, coaches, and mentors).
This unique experience is organized by ICE in partnership with the network Ulysseus.


  • Application deadline - 27/02/22
  • End of February - beginning of march → selection (you may be contacted for a brief interview)
  • Kick-off, 27/04/22  H17-19 (online) 
  • Pre-assignment, 25/05/22 (online) 
  • 5 days hackathon, 06/06/22-10/06/22 (in Helsinki) 
  • 31/07/22, portfolio (online)

Other practicalities

  • Who: Master Students from any background
  • Scholarship: this experience is fully funded, therefore students are eligible for scholarships to cover the expenses
  • Academic recognition: 5 ECTS, upon the creation of a Learning Agreement* to be signed by the pedagogic responsible of the student’s master.
  • Available spots: 7
  • Application deadline: Monday 21st of February
*The Learning agreement is a document that regulates the assignment of ECTS for European exchange experiences such as the Erasmus and this Entre camp. Its goal is to certify that the competencies developed during the international experience are consistent with the academic path of the student. More info during the selection process.


In order to apply, we kindly ask you to:

  • prepare a motivation letter (see below)
  • send your CV (max 2 pages)
  • fill the application form below

A good English proficiency is required!
(application in english will be highly appreciated)

Motivation letter

Please write a motivation letter (1 page max) and answer the following questions:  ​

  • Tell us, why you are applying to this camp?            ​
  • What are you expecting from this camp?                ​
  • How does this benefit your studies  / career / competences?  ​
  • Tell us shortly what interests you in design thinking, entrepreneurship and sustainability.  ​
  • Describe your team working skills and experience in teamwork.   ​
  • Tell us also if you already have some experience on internationality in studies or working life.            ​
  • In order to be eligible to this course, it is mandatory to do the pre-assignment and participate in the virtual kick-off event with other camp participants.​
Learning objectives

Participants will learn to:​

  • Utilize the Design Thinking process.​
  • Develop and strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset.​
  • Think critically, make decisions, create different solutions, and argument the practical value of those.​
  • Communicate and develop their ideas further through discussions.​
  • Look at problems from various viewpoints when working in diverse teams and with companies / other stakeholders. ​
  • Identify business opportunities and develop those into a set of sustainable solutions.

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