Sugar - International Business Challenge


The SUGAR Innovation program is promoted by SUGAR, a global network that involves over 20 top-ranked international Universities and over 26 international companies. The SUGAR Network aims at bringing the gap between academia and industry: corporates propose innovation design challenges and collaborate with international teams of students to solve them.  Each international team is made up of students coming from two universities from different countries.



SUGAR shows the need to partner with other universities to spread this vision and create impact through new products, services and processes. Over the years, SUGAR has grown from 18 projects to 31 projects last year.


The Sugar Network aims to create impact by bringing together universities and industries from around the world to promote an alternative pedagogy, where students take ownership of projects and are encouraged to be passionate about learning. SUGAR empowers students to solve real-world problems based on human-centred, conscious and responsible design.


This year the team from Université Côte D’Azur will collaborate with the University of Bologna, the corporate partner is the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).  The teams are supported by innovation coaches experts in design thinking. 

The research question posed by the Italian Institute of technology  is: “How might we develop an innovative service based on the “Artificial photosynthesis technology” and create a business opportunity out of it?” 

N.B. applicants don’t need to possess technical competencies of any sort. We welcome students from any background since we believe external perspectives are crucial to develop an innovative service.


The SUGAR Innovation program is an experience-based learning path. Students work in a team and apply their knowledge to real-world design challenges.  The program format entails the following activities: 

  • Two global events to meet all the members of the network:

    • 25th-29th of October, global kick-off (online/in presence TBD according to the pandemic evolution)

    • 30th may-3rd of June, global expe in San Francisco, CA, USA

  • about 20 workshops targeted for the  Université Côte D’Azur students  (on Thursday morning) where students receive theoretical pills which are immediately applied through practical activities.  

  • local team working sessions (which can be scheduled autonomously by the team members from  Université Côte D’Azur) 

  • international team working sessions (which are scheduled by the team members from  Université Côte D’Azur and University of Bologna) 

  • weekly coaching session (scheduled autonomously by the team member and the coach) 

  • international travels to visit the partners and gather with the network (if allowed by the pandemic).

Who can apply ?

All Master students  

Capacity number students

From 4 to 8 TBD


From october  21th 2021 to june 30th 2022



Economic contribute

Students receive an economic  contribute (more info during the interview)


The SUGAR Program can be recognized as a 6 months part-time internship. The students who take part in it are eligible for the Bonus entrepreneuriat +0,25 and  for the INVENT diploma. Please, consider that incentives and recognitions may vary according to specific agreements with each master.


Space Vernassa + international travels


Who are we looking for? 

You are a proactive and motivated student with good English proficiency, a crush for R&D and innovation. You are eager to experience an international environment and to work within a team together with other students from different backgrounds. You want to learn how to manage a real project and collaborate with professionals.

Application iter 

The application iter consists of the following phases:

  • application through form or e-mail
  • students who pass the first selection phase are called for an interview (end of September, first weeks of october)
  • final response

Please, apply through ICE website form below. In case you have issues in filling the form, send an e-mail to by october 10th 2021. The mail should contain the following information: 

  • Personal data:  
    - Name and surname
    - Birthdate 

  • Contacts:  
    - Write the e-mail address you would like to use to be contacted. 

  • University path 
    - Study background 

  • Resume 
    - Attach your resume to the e-mail 
  • Self-presentation video:
Presentation video
  • Create a 2-minute (max) video IN ENGLISH to present yourself : 
  • What’s interesting about you (university path, personal passions)
  • Extracurricular experiences (projects, associations, working experience) 
  • Previous teamwork experiences, inside or outside the university.  
  • Explain the reason why you would like to join the SUGAR Program 

* We don't ask for professional content, just an amateur video covering the points listed above. The video can be recorded with your laptop or smartphone with no post-production activities.  

If selected, your participation will be confirmed by the 17th of October. Please consider that the Kick-off event is from the 25th to the 29th of October. 


saisir le code présent dans l'image

May you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to write to